Moving in Together

It’s happening: Ben and I are moving in together! After being together for a little over two years, we’ve decided that when he graduates from Kenan-Flagler Business School (May 2018), we’re going to take the leap and move in together.pexels-photo-269155.jpeg

This was not a lightly made decision. Ben knew for a while that he was going to ask me to officially move in with him, and I made it perfectly clear that it’s something I wanted. It’s something we have been discussing for a while now, especially as we move onto the next chapter in our lives.

Since we’ve decided to move in together, I’ve been spamming my Pinterest boards with DIY ideas, incorporating both his style and mine, and taking a look at apartments. I’ve also been looking for advice to make the transition from living a single life to living together smooth.

Here are a few tidbits of advice that have stuck with me:

  1. Live by Yourself
    This piece of advice was given to me by my mom. In order to have some sense of independence before taking a huge leap of living with your significant other, it’s really important to live by yourself for a period of time. Which is why, as soon as I could afford it, I decided to get an apartment for myself.
  2. Decide Why You’re Moving in With Each Other
    Yes. You are going to save money. Yes. It will be convenient no longer having to drive to each other’s places. No, these are not the reasons you should move in together.
  3. Discuss Finances
    Who’s paying for what? Are you joining your finances or keeping them separate? Do either of you have debt? These are important questions to answer before you move in together.
  4. Know Where You Stand in Your Relationship
    If you’re looking to move in just to settle for less than marriage (when that’s something you want), then you’re moving in for the wrong reason. It’s important that the two of you are clear on where you are in your relationship, your views on marriage, and have a timeline for when you want those things to happen.
  5. Respect One Another’s Space
    Normal people need time alone. It’s important to think about how you’re going to respect each others’ space when you move in together. Ben and I are looking for spacious apartments that will have 2 bedrooms so we can get our much needed alone time.

What advice do you have for couples moving in together?


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