One More Reason to Save…

Written by Liz Britton

Just this past January, Paulette Perhach wrote an article for The Billfold called “A Story of the Fuckoff Fund“. The article depicts a nightmarish scenario where the main character (you) has just graduated college and is off into the world of adulthood. Little expenses such as lunch out with coworkers and shopping for pricier clothing add up, and the main
character gets into a relationship with a seemingly nice guy. Things get serious and the main character moves in with the boyfriend.

Things spiral downward fast when the “nice” boyfriend turns abusive and the boss starts hitting on the main character. Panicked, the main character has no idea what to do.

But Paulette Perhach provides a “choose your own adventure” option.

The first nightmarish scenario she provides could happen, or you could start your very own F*ck Off Fund right out of college like the main character in the second scenario. By shopping in thrift stores, skipping out on the expensive lunches with coworkers, and taking up a weekend job, the main character builds a strong F*ck Off Fund. This fund is meant to be her parachute – the thing that keeps her afloat when all hell breaks loose in her life.

The moment her boss starts hitting on her, she is able to drop by HR, report his creepy butt and strut out the front door. Living with an abusive boyfriend? No problem – she’s outta there and in a fabulous hotel room, searching for a new apartment just for her.

So many people fall into the trap of thinking that they’ll be fine and be able to rely on their SO or their parents to help them out with a financial crisis. In order to avoid this, the author suggests living like you’re still a broke college student. Don’t eat out, waitress on the weekends, buy from the thrift stores, and always keep your finances on the forefront of your mind.

Read this article to see how you can build your own F*ck Off Fund.



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