Valentine’s Day Surprises

Written by Liz Britton

Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday.

Yes, even when I was single, and no, I am not lying.

Being a writer, I suppose it is a given that I’m a romantic. But I am also a planner. I ordered my partner’s gifts back in November, wrapped them in January, and am totally psyched to spend my favorite holiday with my favorite person. Still, I love looking over Valentine’s Day ideas and getting some last minute advice to make my special someone that much happier on the big day.

Which is why when I went searching for some nice Valentine’s Day surprises, I was shocked to come across horrors like inviting a single friend to be your third wheel on a date with your SO, making a kiss bag with all of the different types of kisses you have, and putting the toilet seat down. And nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like naming a hissing cockroach after your true love.

Ah, yes. Hissing cockroaches. So romantic.

Might I recommend naming a cockroach after an ex instead?

To help combat the fiasco of ideas on the internet, I decided to come up with a list of my own cute surprises that have been greatly appreciated by my very own valentine:

1. List the Reasons You Love Them

Take notes from the gentleman who wrote reasons why he loves his wife on their mirror. That guy knows what he’s

Writing out reasons why you love your partner allows them to read your kind words every day as they get ready for work and for bed. Don’t you love to hear it when your partner compliments you? Do the same for them!

List all of the reasons you can think. Or, if they only have a mirror in the bathroom, write out 5 reasons and replace them with new reasons each week.

I know that when my boyfriend discovers a new batch of reasons I love him (the reasons are endless, of course), he gets a huge grin on his face. It’s the best feeling in the world when I know I’ve made my partner’s day.

Pick up a dry-erase marker (DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH A PERMANENT MARKER), and start writing on their mirror. They’ll check it the next time they’re looking at their reflection in the mirror and love you all the more for it.

2. Make a Meal for Them

We have a huge advantage this year with Valentine’s Day being on a Sunday: brunch! I love brunch. I have never met anyone that doesn’t love brunch, and I’m pretty sure that your lover would love brunch too.

You can’t cook? Take your sweetheart out to brunch. Most restaurants are cheaper in the morning and early afternoon than at night. Save major bucks on this thoughtful surprise tumblr_nmtvz41tw81qk08n1o1_r1_500and earn their appreciation in one fell-swoop.

If you can cook, whip up some pancakes, eggs and bacon for a nice Valentine’s Day brunch. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I believe the way to anyone’s heart is through good food. Surprise your love by making breakfast for them.

If they sleep in, that’s even better. Serve them breakfast in bed, and get ready for the adoration in their eyes.

Just make sure to tidy up once you’re finished…

“Here you go, Valentine!” you say as your partner looks just beyond you at the mountain of dishes in the sink, the pancake batter spilled on the counter, and the egg shells cracked on the table.

Talk about a mood killer.

Make sure you wash those dishes ASAP, so your love won’t have to lift a finger that morning. In fact, make sure you tidy up around the place so your love can focus on you the entire day.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a major hassle. My rule of thumb is to wash as you go along so you don’t have a pile of dishes at the end.

Your love will adore you all the more for it.

3. Slip a Love Note into Your Valentine’s Briefcase

Okay, I always fail with this one. My boyfriend is the worst with surprises. Seriously. The worst.

He’ll go out of the room for a moment, and I’ll slip a little note in his briefcase. Almost immediately he’ll come back in the room and say, “Oh, I need to work on tumblr_mjhkafyqrs1rz7i6ro1_500something really quick.” Then he proceeds to reach into his briefcase and…

Bam. Surprise ruined.

But if you have luck on your side, your partner won’t see it until they go into work the next day. Just make sure the note isn’t super embarrassing looking. Your Valentine might not appreciate extra attention at the office for a sparkly card or sequins popping out of their briefcase pockets while their coworkers snicker in the background.

4. Give Them a Massage

I love to give my boyfriend massages. And it’s not just because I get to see him shirtless (swoon). When I give him a massage, he is more relaxed, more cuddly and even more appreciative. I hear “you’re wonderful” almost every time I give him a massage.

If you want to hear your SO tell you how much they appreciate you, purchase some massage oil and get to work. There are tons of massage how-to’s online that you can take ideas from.

Don’t feel confident in your massaging abilities? Book a massage appointment for you and your partner. Go on Groupon to find major savings and deals, and get ready for some pampering.

5. Write a Love Poem

Being a writer, you would think that writing a poem would come easy. It doesn’t. It’s hard to write about the person you love. Picking words to perfectly capture your feelings about someone is practically impossible.

There have been days where I have stared at a blank page with  my cursor flashing back at me as if to say, “Well? I’m waiting.”

Which is why they will love it. The thought that goes into writing a few words about your significant other will be appreciated. What person doesn’t like a poem written about them?

There is one catch: you need to make sure all of the words are spelled correctly. I had a friend receive a poem from a guy and he misspelled “Aphrodite” three different times in three different ways (Afrodite, Aphrodity and Afrodiety). A few misspelled words turned his thoughtful gift into a fiasco.


“Of a fine, stout love, it may. But if it is only a vague inclination, I am convinced that one poor sonnet will kill [love] stone dead.”

Lesson learned: spellcheck is your best friend.

Make sure that the poem is personalized in some way. Love poems, in general, are easy to write. Personalized love poems, however, are difficult to master. Add a bit of your history as a couple to the poem for a more personalized love poem.

For more tips on how to write a love poem, check this out.

If you’re really not feeling up to writing a poem, look up a few of the classics to send him/her throughout the day. They will appreciate the sentiment and have a nice surprise in their messages.

6. Create an “I Love You” Alarm on Their Phone

Once again, my boyfriend is the worst with surprises. The absolute worst.

I tried this, thinking that at 8:00PM that night, he would be pleasantly surprised by an “I Love You” alarm. You know, it was just a little reminder that I love him. I thought it would img_1550be a nice change from the usual loving texts I send him. I wanted to make him smile. I figured it would be a cute surprise for him.

Nope. Of course not.

The second he came back in the room after I finished fiddling with his phone, he noticed the little alarm clock alert in the corner of his screen.

Yes, he ruined the whole surprise.

But, if your partner is easily surprised, create an alarm with the words “I Love You” at the time of your choosing.

This pleasant little alarm will put a pep in their step and remind them that you love them.

7. Steal Their Car and Put Gas in It

According to Buzzfeed, it’s a good way to surprise your boyfriend – but, as a woman, I know your girlfriend would appreciate it too. Who doesn’t love a full tank of gas courtesy of a loved one?

Steal their keys while they’re sleeping or busy with something else, and take their car for a spin to the gas station.

Extra Credit: Drive it through a car wash.

These are just a few of my suggestions! Leave a comment below with ideas to surprise your Valentine!


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