Comedy Zone: Chris Porter

Written by Liz Britton

After a long week of helping my partner with his graduate school applications, I figured he and I needed to get out of the apartment and go do something fun together. I had signed us up to see Chris Porter on Thursday evening through Even though we were both exhausted (grad school applications are awful!), we dragged ourselves over to see the comedian at The Charlotte Comedy Zone.

And we did not regret it one bit.

Chris Porter, well known for earning third place on Last Comic Standing, has been a touring comedian since he was 23.

Since the beginning Chris’ raw energy and unique perspective has distinguished him as one of the elite comics in the industry. Born and raised in Kansas City, Chris brings a true stand-up experience to his live shows.

As much as my boyfriend and I were cracking up (I was crying at one point), it seemed like Chris Porter had difficulty controlling the audience at points. Audience members kept talking over him and he appeared to not know how to handle that. At one point, he made a joke about jaguars that didn’t go over so well. Once he learned that the people of Charlotte are huge Carolina Panther fans, he tried to recover and make a joke with that.

Aside from the minor flops, Chris Porter was fabulous and managed to keep everyone entertained throughout the evening. His charisma and sarcasm was too hilarious not to laugh at and his jokes were so easy to relate to.

Check out this video to see some of his stuff.

The next time you want a good laugh, head over to the Comedy Zone to pick up some tickets.


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