Supergirl: Livewire Review

Written by Liz Britton

Supergirl kicked off its Thanksgiving special with Leslie Willis (Brit Morgan) ragging on Supergirl via public radio (Melissa Benoist) after she just took down an alien that had escaped from its cell (like no big deal).

And that hideous, like, rejected-from-the-Olympics figure skating outfit she wears? I mean, a skirt and tights? Puh-lease. Seems like overkill, especially since no one is trying to get in there. And who would that be? You know, who’s hombre enough to puncture the Chastity Belt of Steel? Or is what’s required a softer touch? I mean, she does kind of give off a Sapphic vibe, with that big ol’ butch “S” chest plate. I mean, how would that even work with an alien? I mean, is everything the same down there, or are we talking tentacles? Maybe it’s time for a break. Or a makeover.

Ouch, talk about harsh. Girl-on-girl hate is totally unacceptable. Not only does Leslie Willis insult Supergirl’s fashion choices (her outfit is cute, come on!), but hits below the belt and questions her sexuality. I mean, really – we all know Leslie Willis is going to become Supergirl’s nemesis Livewire, but does the character have to have so much girl-on-girl hate?

I’m all for women supporting each other. There’s enough backstabbing in the world. Women need to stick together.

Which is why when Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) tells Leslie Willis to back 4741930-untitled-4off (boss lady to the rescue), I was extremely happy. Leslie was even forced to cover traffic reports in a helicopter for Cat. It was a huge demotion from her public radio show.

Of course this bites Cat in the butt when Leslie manages to get powers from a freak helicopter accident complete with lightning and Supergirl trying to save her.

Hello new super-villain: Livewire.

In the meantime, the relationship between mothers and daughters is explored through Cara’s (AKA Supergirl) sister Alex (Chyler Leigh) and foster mom Eliza (Helen Slater). Thanksgiving is not so much a family holiday as it is a family feud between the two women. Eliza criticizes Alex for not looking out for her sister enough and for allowing Supergirl to 2come out to the world. As if Cara isn’t an adult and can’t make decisions by herself. I mean, look t her apartment. For real, as an assistant she makes a pretty decent living.

Later, Cat Grant and Cara have a heart-to-heart after Cat was attacked by Livewire. Warm fuzzies are exchanged over a quick talk about mother/daughter relationships that aren’t so great. Cat learns some new things about Cara and declares that she wants to learn more about her assistant because she hardly knows anything about her.

The episode concludes with Livewire having been beaten by Supergirl (big surprise), Cara friend-zoning Winn hardcore, and a new mystery about the DEO that needs to be solved: what happened to Alex’s father, Jermiah Danver?


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