Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Review

Written by Liz Britton

Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 was out in the movie theaters November 20th and I couldn’t wait to see it. Hyped up from the previous movies and ready for the finale of a fantastic series, I walked into the theater hoping the movie would be better than the book (because quite honestly I did not enjoy the book)…

…And I was thoroughly disappointed.

The movie starts out with Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) trying to speak (and failing miserably) after being attacked by a hijacked Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). Horrified at the idea of Peeta never being the same way again, Katniss deals with the pain in the best way she can: by going headfirst into a war-zone, determined to be in the front lines in attacks on the Capitol and President Snow.

It is obviously a very subtle attempt at avoiding Peeta. Talk about ghosting someone. Yikes.

While Katniss tries to move on from the heartbreaking shell of a boy she gale-memeonce knew, Gale (Liam Hemsworth) mopes about for her attention. In the words of Alex Rees (writer for Cosmopolitan), “Gale acts like even more of a fuckboi than usual“. Really, though. All he does is complain about
how much of a better person Peeta is and how, when he gets better, he won’t stand a chance of getting Katniss to fall in love with him.

There’s even a full discussion between Gale and Peeta about who Katniss will pick. Hello Twilight flashbacks.

Like any of that matters when there’s a war going on. Honestly, Gale, where are your priorities?

And speaking of priorities, it’s no surprise that the rebels go all out to take down President Snow. They’ll do whatever it takes. From sending Katniss through several near-death experiences to bombing scared little children, they are ready to sacrifice everything to destroy the old corrupt government – just to put a power-crazed woman (Alma Coin played by Julianne Moore) at the head of a new and improved corrupt government.

The movie, overall, was extremely dark. Which shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, considering the books are based on the idea of children 1ae422eff57bdd64b026d5d264669d03a150c5fae5c5277bc7b5ec44288c9f0fkilling each other on live television (shudder), so of course there would be even more bloodshed in the final movie. Between Finnick being torn apart by Mutts and Prim being blown up right in front of her sister, I was horrified.

Despite my dislike toward the movie and its low ratings in comparison to its previous movies, “it was still a bullseye with moviegoers who gave the film an “A-” CinemaScore.”

I’m planning on seeing The Good Dinosaur this coming weekend, so hopefully that won’t be as traumatic.


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