Young & Hungry: Young & Part Two Review

Written by Liz Britton

My name is Liz Britton and I am a Netflix binge-watching addict.

Give me my six-year old college laptop that was given to me for “free” (after paying thousands of dollars for it throughout the years just to ‘rent’ the hunk of junk) and a faulty internet connection (yes, Dad, I’ve unplugged and plugged the router back in a million times) and I’m good to go for an evening or two of marathon watching.

My most recent obsession is a show called Young & Hungry starring Emily Osment as a single twenty-something food blogger named Gabi Diamond. When Gabi is asked to cook an elaborate meal for billionaire Josh (Jonathon Sadowski), she winds up in bed and in love with her new boss. With love triangles, comedy and Ashley Tisdale as a producer for the series, this show is everything a woman in her twenties could hope for.

I spent the majority of last night chowing down on Sun Chips and dark chocolate – hello Aunt Flow and her never-ending quest to satisfy cravings – while catching up on season two of Young & Hungry. I’ve got to say (spoiler alerts for any of you who have not seen the show) that I absolutely love how the season ended.

Torn between her boss Josh and current boyfriend Cooper (Jesse McCartney – left), Gabi is forced to make a choice between the two. After learning that everyone had kept Josh’s feelings from Gabi for months, she is determined to branch out and audition for an internship that will take her away from all of the boy drama and off to Switzerland.

Bombing the audition for her dream job, Gabi spends that night redoing her Filet de Boeuf Forestiere with Bordelaise sauce.

“I’m better than that audition,” Gabi says, “…I’m fine with not getting the apprenticeship. You know what I’m not fine with is Chef D’Arby only remembering me for my ploppy sauce.”

The next morning, Gabi marches over to Chef D’Arby’s kitchen to prove to herself that she can be redeemed. Her goal isn’t to get the job anymore, but to just get her reputation back. This spunk that she shows is absolutely inspiring. To do something for herself and not for anyone else shows a lot of character and self-reflection.

Her actions impress Chef D’Arby so much that when the winner of the competition is disqualified for cheating (they heard about the recipe before the audition), he calls Gabi up with a job offer. Setting her focus on her career, she makes a huge decision.

“After this crazy week of deciding whether I should choose Cooper or choose you (Josh),” Gabi says, “I decided to choose me.”

This has got to be my favorite line throughout the entire show. After all of the deliberation, heartache and confusion, Gabi decides to do something for herself. Even though it is a very abrupt and difficult decision, she knows in her heart that she needs to move forward and take time away from all of the craziness.

As a single twenty-something who is struggling to find her way, I find Gabi’s resolve to figure herself out absolutely wonderful. Instead of going with the “safe” solution to be with one of the two men, she ventures out alone (on a flight to Switzerland, mind you) to go after her dream of becoming a top chef.

This show is amazing and I can’t wait to see what Gabi will do next.


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